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Transparency Matters

When responding to any claim anywhere in the world, getting the right people to the right places makes a huge difference. The GRS Bridge℠ technology assists management and deployed subject matter experts in getting where they need to go. The GRS team’s decades of experience and commitment to innovation inspired us to launch the GRS Bridge℠.

GRS Bridge℠ is a dynamic, on-demand web-based tool that we developed to provide our clients access to dashboards that translate into better efficiency, reduce costs and enhance quality. This results in improved efficiency, unrivaled catastrophe capacity and faster cycle times. This tool brings accountability and transparency to our claim services, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Originally created for the specialized claims situations that our Environmental Risk Management Solutions address, GRS Bridge℠ has expanded into an all-encompassing claims-tracking tool. GRS Bridge℠ offers unprecedented efficiency and visibility in managing all aspects of a claim, including cost control, claim adjudication programs and litigation support services — all within one user-friendly system.

Subscribing to the GRS Bridge℠ technology gives our clients an eagle-eye view into the costs and status of each and all claims, from assignment through resolution. GRS’ Property & Casualty Solutions, Environmental Risk Management Solutions and Complex Claims Solutions apply the GRS Bridge℠ technology to properly handle any daily, natural catastrophe and man-made claims scenario.