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FEMA & Flood

Floods are becoming more frequent and severe, disrupting businesses and forcing individuals out of their homes. Responding to flood claims takes special expertise and sensitivity. The team of tenured professionals at GRS has decades of experience and have handled hundreds of flood claims, going back to Category 4 Hurricane Frederic in 1979, which at the time was the costliest Atlantic hurricane on record.

We provide the right people, process and technology to insurers in the Write Your Own program under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Our highly qualified adjusters are experienced in filing the required NFIP documentation throughout the entire span of a flood claim, from initial assignment to settlement. The GRS Bridge™ provides all the necessary forms and tools that adjusters need to handle their duties, smoothing the claims process for insurers and their insureds.

GRS also provides loss assessment and valuation services to contractors participating in community redevelopment programs backed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA provides financing for redevelopment and improvement following disasters, an important role that GRS is proud to support through our professional services.

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NFIP Flood Losses Paid

“We have flood knowledgeable adjusters that are trained ahead and can handle the claims with little or no assistance. This is important because flood claims are very timely – lots of forms and deadlines to be met. Our teams are punctual and need to be on top of all of the rules and regulations. Our proprietary technology – The Bridge- holds all the forms and information needed to respond quickly to the claims.”
– Eddie Trascher, Claims Manager

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