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Whether they happen in your backyard or on the other side of the world, property losses that are large often are also complex. Deploying the right expertise and responding promptly are critical to achieving positive outcomes. GRS Complex Claims Solutions (CCS) combine deep technical expertise across multiple disciplines with the adjusting skills of our most highly experienced claims professionals. Our teams provide fast response, and we deliver results for our clients. CCS services include:

Expert Complex Loss Claims

In our experience, many large, complex property claims involve third-party losses. Such claims are challenging because they often require diverse skill sets and coordination among multiple stakeholders. GRS has decades of experience handling expert complex loss claims.

First-Party Large Loss Claims

Even when losses do not involve third parties, or the majority of the claim is first-party loss, such claims can be complicated. GRS professionals are highly experienced in quantifying, assessing and analyzing first-party large loss claims.

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“GRS is a relationship-based company, with skilled people who help businesses and individuals rebuild and recover after complex and often traumatic events.”
– Mike Reeves, Major & Complex Loss Executive

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