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Kip Radigan

Arthur “Kip” Radigan

President & Group CEO

Entrepreneurship stretches far beyond the innovation and courage to build something new. It is living the vision and building an entrepreneurial spirit into the process of bringing that vision to life and evolving it over time. It is the art and science of articulating the vision, creating focus to drive it into action, and the courageously authentic leadership to deliver it in new ways over time and in synchronization with the way the world is changing. It takes confidence, composure, humility, virtue, and grit. This is Kip Radigan, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Global Risk Solutions.

Kip is a visionary leader and an expert in risk management with more than 35 years’ experience in property and casualty claims management and global disaster response. He has served in varying roles of leadership building and deploying claims and disaster response teams across the world. Kip believes that to provide superior service, it starts with focusing on and developing great people, then using technology to bridge together specialized expertise, process, and visibility of operations and outcomes to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of even the most complex risk management situations.

Kip is described by employees as a leader who is not bound by the way things have always been done. He will create new solutions when he sees opportunity, which has led to the company’s ongoing innovation, growth, and success. When faced with major challenges, Kip is known for his unyielding positivity and composure. “He has built an incredible amount of trust with the team and they are continually inspired,” said Linda Anolfo, Human Resources Manager at Global Risk Solutions. “He maintains an open-door policy and treats every person with tremendous respect,” she continued.

Kip embodies the leadership style required to build a people-first organization that continually innovates, helps clients to overcome the challenges of scaling superior service, and exceeds consumer expectations. When asked about the greatest advice he has ever received, Kip responded with wise words his uncle shared with him at the onset of his career in risk management, “surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.” Kip has built the right organization to sustain a competitive advantage and achieve long-term success for his employees and the clients they serve. The entrepreneurial spirt is alive at every level within the organization where employees feel valued and inspired to continually innovate and reach beyond what they thought was possible.