Delivering People, Process
and Technology

Since 1980, our team of claims and environmental risk professionals has enabled clients’ response and recovery, from everyday property claims to the most complex catastrophes. With project experience spanning five continents, no event is too big for GRS to help you handle.


Customer Solutions

Property & Casualty

With field and desk adjusting and extensive experience in conquering the challenges that catastrophes as well as non-cat events present, GRS offers clients a full range of services to respond to property and casualty claims.

Environmental Risk
Management Solutions

Decades of international experience in environmental claims enable GRS specialists to help our clients mitigate, respond, recover and contain the costs arising from man-made or natural environmental catastrophe events and litigation.

Complex Claims

GRS combines deep technical expertise across multiple disciplines with the adjusting skills of our most highly experienced claims professionals. Our teams provide fast response, and we deliver results wherever complex claims arise.


Our innovative technology and data analytics, led by the GRS Bridge™,
give our clients unprecedented views of claims activities.

Global Reach

Some like to say they’ve “been there, done that.” When it comes to the world of property and casualty claims, GRS is there and doing that, just as we have for many years. Our project experience spans five continents. Wherever your claims occur, GRS has the global reach and expertise to serve you.


When Catastrophe Strikes

When clients experience the worst, through a hurricane, earthquake or other catastrophic event, GRS delivers to help them respond and recover.

GRS Global Risk Solutions On-Demand Services℠

Technology and innovation are our cornerstones. With GRS On-Demand ℠ , we combine state-of-the-art technology, specialized labor and our proprietary rules engine to align claims resources with specific high-volume claims in seconds.

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