GRS Spotlights ERMS Senior Advisor Bea Stong

Global Risk Solutions (GRS) spotlights Senior Advisor for Environmental Risk Management Solutions, Bea Stong. Bea brings more than 35 years of leadership experience in oil and gas, transportation, and alternative energy industries to our team. ERMS is delighted to be able to work with Bea, a longtime friend. Why are we so happy? Her energy, enthusiasm and her knowledge for the oil and gas production industry – especially when it comes to managing risk, including risks associated with natural resource damages!

Bea has served decades in delivering executive oversight to HSSE strategy teams for the oil & gas industry

Steve Gosser, Chief Executive Officer of ERMS said: “Bea has served decades in delivering executive oversight to HSSE strategy teams for the oil & gas industry, driving risk mitigation and response preparedness in the business and every day is a pleasure to work with and learn from Bea.”

After graduating with a degree in Geology from Texas A&M University, Bea began her career working offshore for Schlumberger. She has worked for regulatory agencies and a variety of oil & gas companies and consulting firms, including the Oil & Gas Division of the Kansas Corporation Commission, Aramco, W&T Offshore, Dames & Moore, O’Brien’s Oil Pollution Services, and J. Connor Consulting Inc, building strong technical ties between the safety, regulatory and environmental requirements of the offshore industry. With years of providing independent oil spill consulting services, her expertise was pulled into BP’s response to the Macondo/Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. She served as Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs for BP America’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, where she oversaw the Deepwater Horizon environmental response and natural resources damages assessment which was one of the largest environmental studies ever undertaken for the Gulf of Mexico. Bea managed the historic $1 billion early restoration funding process.

Later, Bea joined BP Wind Energy where she ultimately retired as senior vice president of strategic incentives.

Bea’s passion for the oil and gas industry has always encompassed importance on safety, environmental and regulatory compliance. As a member of the National Offshore Safety Advisory Committee Bea received the public service commendation from the U.S. Coast Guard for her efforts to improve medical treatment of injured offshore workers. Bea is also the founder of C-Suite Risk Advisors LLC, a minority/women owned consulting firm that offers advisory services to the oil & gas industries.

In her spare time, Bea enjoys boating, golf, and the Texas Hill Country music scene from her home on Canyon Lake.

Bea Stong who is based in Texas (U.S.) can be reached at