Tradeshow and Marketing Specialist

Job: Tradeshow and Marketing Specialist

Reports To: VP of Marketing


As the Tradeshow expert, you will lead and manage all aspects of conference and event activity required including but not limited to Virtual, F2F and the GRS Annual Adjuster Summit Conferences. This will include strategic planning, logistics, assets, show services, swag, promotional ideas and more. You will also maintain conference spreadsheets that will list all the conferences per year (U.S. and International) – depth of this spreadsheet to be determined. This will all be under the guidance of the VP of marketing with set procedures, checklists, and spreadsheets.

As the Marketing expert, you will lead and manage the following including but not limited to light social media creation and posting, some marketing SharePoint upkeep (Headshots/CVs), survey committee support, HR support (recruitment site and voicemail system), Email Campaigns (MailChimp) and updating collateral as necessary.

And lastly, you will maintain the subscriptions necessary to run the marketing department including but not limited to Business Wire,, Sprout Social, and others. You will also aid in the budgeting exercise for the upcoming year.

Essential Functions

Tradeshow Responsibilities

  1. Maintain all conference spreadsheets requested including a main excel spreadsheet with the current and upcoming year dates, information, and hyperlinks.
  2. Manage all tradeshow virtual and in person events (currently 6 that we exhibit at) to include initial creation of the event ppt, the meetings (kick off, weekly and debrief), assets, show services, registration, swag, literature, etc. These will only be the tradeshows where GRS has a virtual presence or exhibits in person. Shows that are attended only by a business unit will be handled by that business unit; although there may be some support functions required.
  3. Extensive Annual Adjuster Summit responsibilities such as budgets, timelines, registration website, sponsorships, and more for a now once-a-year event. Will work closely with VP of Marketing and potential Tradeshow Consultant.
  4. Development and maintenance of tradeshow assets.
  5. Interface with Social Media Specialist to facilitate social campaigns and onsite postings.
  6. Perform a debrief session after the completion of a tradeshow.

Marketing Specialist

  1. Create and execute light Social Media requests: like Work Alerts, etc. Have a full understanding of the GRS Sprout Social platform (We can teach you) so you can post at any moment in the event that the Social Media Specialist is out of the office.
  2. Maintain the Headshots and CV’s on the Marketing SharePoint site.
  3. Participate in the Survey Committee meetings and facilitate all their requests, like social posts or wordsmithing of surveys, etc.
  4. Aid all HR Requests including but not limited to the recruitment site, phone system, etc.
  5. Manage and execute Learning & Training Requests including but not limited to social media, materials for classes, etc. at the discretion of the VP of Marketing.
  6. Facilitate all email campaigns on MailChimp; work in close tandem with the Social Media Specialist to have those campaigns mirror the social posts if necessary. (We can teach you).
  7. Aid with PowerPoint requests from leadership and sales.
  8. Facilitate the S. and International Newsletters – creation, formatting and sending out MailChimp. Also, maintenance of those email lists.
  9. Responsible for aiding with creation and distribution of the Digital Holiday Card, and other similar campaign efforts. Sent via MailChimp.
  10. Manage and order all Business Cards.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Maintain the Subscriptions on Business Wire,, Sprout Social and any other programs or subscriptions necessary including but not limited to Photoshop, etc. Post this information on the OneDrive shared marketing folder which should include the actual contract and a word document with all essential details: links, logins (usernames/passwords), rep name/email/phone, any other pertinent information. Must always be the most up-to-date information at all times.
  2. Maintain the Reference Sheet for all Links, Logins, Usernames and Passwords.
  1. Submit Requested Slides for monthly ExComm presentation within 2 days of request.
  2. Aid in Budgeting exercise every year to ensure all data and estimates are accurate.
  3. Function as the Back Up for the Social Media and Digital Specialist position. Must be able to perform any of the Social Media and Digital Specialist responsibilities and duties with ease. Must be able to fill in when this person is out of office or on vacation.
  4. Train the Social Media and Digital Specialist to be your back up for all of your duties listed here for instances when you are out of the office.
  5. Other duties as needed.


  1. Leadership – Exhibit’s confidence in self and others; Inspires and motivates others to perform well; Effectively influences actions and opinions of others; Accepts feedback from others; Gives appropriate recognition to others.
  2. Strong Communicator – Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; Listens and gets clarification; Responds well to questions; Demonstrates group presentation skills; Participates in meetings; Writes clearly and informatively.
  3. Decision Making – Displays willingness to make decisions; Exhibits sound and accurate judgment; Supports and explains reasoning for decisions; Includes appropriate people in decision-making process; Makes timely decisions.
  4. Teamwork Orientation – Balances team and individual responsibilities; Exhibits objectivity and openness to others’ views; Gives and welcomes feedback; Contributes to building a positive team spirit; Puts success of team above own interests; Able to build morale and group commitments to goals and objectives; Supports everyone’s efforts to succeed.
  5. Technical Capacity – Assesses own strengths and weaknesses; Pursues training and development opportunities; Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills; Shares expertise with others.
  6. Learning Orientation – Undertakes self-development activities; Seeks increased responsibilities; Takes independent actions and calculated risks; Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities; Asks for and offers help when needed.
  7. Project Management – Develops project plans; Coordinates projects; Communicates changes and progress; Completes projects on time and budget; Manages project team activities.
  8. Results Orientation – Anticipate, identify, and effectively deal with problems and risks; plan for contingencies to deal with unexpected challenges. Remains open to others’ ideas and tries new things.
  9. Diversity – Demonstrates knowledge of company EEO policy; Shows respect and sensitivity for cultural differences; Recognize the value of diversity; Promotes a harassment-free environment; Appreciates a diverse workforce.
  10. Ethics – Treats people with respect; Keeps commitments; Inspires the trust of others; Works with integrity and ethically; Upholds organizational values.
  11. Adaptability – Adapts to changes in the work environment; Manages competing demands; Change’s approach or method to best fit the situation; Able to deal with frequent change, delays, or unexpected events.

Supervisory Responsibility

 This position will not have any supervisory responsibilities.


Work Environment

Work location to be Atlanta-based or within reasonable drivable distance to attend in person meetings or training sessions whenever required; or remote at the discretion of management or based on department needs.

Physical Demands

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.


Position Type/Expected Hours of Work

 This is a full-time position: Specific workdays will be assessed based on volume of work but shall not fall below 5 days in a standard work week.


 This position may have limited travel for tradeshows, training or weekly meetings (Atlanta). Overnight will only be in the event of a tradeshow or at the discretion of the direct manager. For limited Atlanta meetings, no car or fuel costs will be included.

Preferred Education and Experience

  1. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent job
  2. 2+ years’ experience in working on sales and marketing needs.
  3. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  4. Must be self-starter with proven project management skills.
  5. Must be able to partner effectively with
  6. Possess excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
  7. Excellent organizational skills with attention to detail. This is a MUST have.
  8. Adaptable to changing work requirements.
  9. Ability to function well in a high paced and at times stressful environment.
  10. Knowledge of MailChimp, Sprout Social are a plus but not necessary. We can teach you.
  11. Some experience with Tradeshows is essential.
  12. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office (specifically Word, Excel and PPT) is required.

If you are interested in this role, please email your resume to: