Douglas Radigan

As a seasoned adjuster having earned 29 years’ experience, Doug brings a wealth of training with a wide variety of complex, catastrophic, and daily claims management assignments. He has been responsible for successful claims resolution in Insurance Carrier settings, as a senior staff claims adjuster for Allstate Insurance Company, as well as working for Independent Adjuster firms, and in self-insured organization roles.

Doug has long served as an expert in bringing to successful resolution claims in diverse areas, including: large, complex first-party commercial property; analysis of and application of coverage; evaluation of structural damage; calculation of financial losses; and negotiation of disputed and/or litigated losses. He is experienced in handling third- party claims and providing cost containment services to chemical companies, petroleum companies, and government agencies responsible for environmental impairment, product liability, and class-action litigation.

Doug’s catastrophe experience includes hurricanes: Andrew, Charley, Wilma, and Katrina, Irma, and Canadian (Ft. McMurray) wildfires, just to name a few. He has environmental remediation experience since 1989 on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, having supervised major oil spills domestically and internationally. Doug has negotiated with Attorneys, Experts, Public Adjusters, and others concerning property damage and personal injury. His earned experience and specialized expertise augment his role as Executive General Adjuster and a Commercial/Account Manager for Global Risk Solutions, Inc. Doug enjoys time with his family and is very active in coaching ice hockey and his favorite team sports are (Hockey & Baseball).