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GRS is a leading provider of Daily and Catastrophe Claims Services throughout the United States and overseas. We enable our clients to effectively quantify, assess & analyze their policy holders’ needs. Our adjusters understand the most basic tool of their job is exceptional customer service and timeliness.

Environmental Pollution Claims Services

Whether you have had, do have or could have an incident resulting in environmental impairment claims, you can benefit from GRS’s more than 20 years of International Risk Management experience. You can relax with the GRS’s expert personnel, approaches and systems.

Response, Preparedness and Planning Services

GRS recommends operating the Incident Response Finance Section roles and responsibilities by developing a corporate Response Preparedness & Planning Program (RPP).  Interested in learning more about our services?

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About GRS

Global Risk Solutions, Inc. (“GRS”) performs services for clients here in the United States and overseas who have unfortunately experienced exposure from natural and man-made events. GRS Key Responders have decades of experience in handling non-catastrophic & catastrophic claims, environmental impairment, product liability and complex commercial claims. GRS is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices located throughout the United States. We offer a diverse range of claims adjusting services including task and full adjustment, information management, cost analysis and litigation support designed to facilitate the claims process from assignment to final resolution. GRS focuses its services on the proper gathering of facts in order to support a coordinated response team assigned to handle any size claim load.

GRS News & Training Opportunities

Hurricane Florence Orientation

GRS claims adjusters and management team in Atlanta for our phase...
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Claims Leader Jeffrey T. Bowman Joins Global Risk Solutions as Non-Executive Chair

Business Wire Claims Leader Jeffrey T. Bowman Joins Global Risk Solutions...
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Change is Good

We are proud to announce the recent promotions within the GRS...
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Clean Gulf November 13-15, 2018

Join GRS at the Clean Gulf Conference from November 13-15,2018 in...
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GRS Claims Conference July 16-19, 2018

Please join GRS at our annual Adjuster Conference in Atlanta, Georgia....
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USAA Certification

GRS will be holding multiple USAA certifications for all experienced adjusters that...
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Join us at the PLRB

Booth 505 Adapting to a World of Change Unlock a World...
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  • I want to let you know what an outstanding employee you have, Mr. R. Mr. R recently did a roof inspection of our home. He was thorough, professional and totally respectful. You need to note he represented GRS in the highest of standards. Very impressive to say the least. He is an employee you want to make sure you retain for the success of your company.

  • Chris, our member advised that he had a very positive experience during your inspection. Thank you for everything you do and representing our brand!

  • Jerry, Mr. M asked me to pass along his message that you did a fantastic job and were very professional & thorough in your inspection. Thank you for living up to the proper high standards for our members.


With an experienced legacy dating back to late 1980s, Global Risk Solutions, Inc. (“GRS”) professionals have been providing high-value claims adjusting and management services to Domestic and International clients. GRS offers their responsiveness and devotion only available from an independently owned service provider.